Don't Let Winter Steal Your Fashion Flair


The winter can be a pretty divisive time for a lot of people. Some people wait all year for the chance to get all comfy and cosy at home while others find themselves constantly dreading the end of the hot and sunny weather that summer brings. Of course, no matter what your opinion on winter might be, all too often it can feel as though your wardrobe options become seriously limited because of the cold weather. It can feel like you're not able to wear anything other than chunky layers and that you're constantly in a position where you've got to decide between being comfortable but looking frumpy and plain and looking great but running the risk of turning into a solid block of ice. To help you find the right balance between those two options, here are a few ways that you can avoid letting the winter weather steal your fashion flair!


Brighten up your life

It's bizarre how much we seem to follow the example of the seasons when it comes to the colours of our wardrobe. Sure, there are plenty of great opportunities to coordinate with the seasons, but you shouldn't let that limit the kinds of colours that you can embrace. One simple way to get past this idea that dressing in the winter involves making your style as bland and as boring as possible is to embrace bright and vibrant colours. After all, who says that just because summer is over that we all have to give up bright neon shades and primary colours! Sure, it can be a little bit of a challenge to really get the most out of bright colours and to prevent them from making an outfit look garish and over the top, but the key is to wear them with confidence and to have a decent understanding of how different colour combinations can complement one another as effectively as possible.

Go bold

In the same way that bright colors can liven up any winter wardrobe, you should also think about the patterns that you're wearing. Far too often people end up choosing outfits that use as few patterns as possible. Why not buck that trend and go a little bolder. Rather than sticking with the same old outfits, embrace things that contrast, that you might even think of as clashing. Stark, geometric patterns stand out wonderfully in the winter even more than they do during the summer. Not only that but if you combine those patterns with contrasting colors, then you're going to have a look that will help you stand out brilliantly in a sea of dull and drab winter fashion. You don't even need to give up your winter aesthetic either. Just think about the kinds of bold patterns that most people can only ever get away with when they're wearing Christmas sweaters!

Don't give up your dresses

Why is the conventional wisdom that once winter is here, dresses are out? I mean, sure you're going to want to wrap up warm once the temperature drops, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up one of the staples of your wardrobe just because we've swapped sunshine for snowfall. There are plenty of options for anyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable without sacrificing their dresses. For one thing, maxi dresses are a fantastic fashion choice all year round. Places like have a great selection that can see you right through all four seasons. You can also try layering your dresses with thicker clothes and use them as a base for more of a cold weather ensemble.

Accessories are your best friend

Then again, sometimes it's less about the outfit as a whole, and more the little details that can elevate any ensemble into something a little bit more interesting and exciting. You should always remember that accessories are your friends and without them, your outfits could easily end up looking incredibly dull. Of course, the kinds of accessories that you go with are entirely up to you. You can use bright and colorful accessories to bring a darker outfit to life, or you could use something a little more refined to make any winter outfit a little more elegant and classy. There are plenty of options available, and the only real limit is your personal sense of style. No matter what style you choose you should make sure to accessorize sparingly. Otherwise, you're likely to end up making your outfits look incredibly tacky and overdone, and you'll lose everything that makes your outfit really effective and stylish.

Wrap up warm in style