Vital Existence

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We each have a vital role to play in this world.
We have a vital existence. Each of our actions is connected in an intangible web that stretches across the globe, and has exponentially increasing effect on it. We have the choice to either make something beautiful of this world, or disregard our own vital opportunity to do so.

And it might just start with Hemp.

A rather controversial fiber, an increase in hemp usage, awareness, and production could literally help to stop global warming, and turn our earth into an Environmentalist's Utopia. Incredibly green, hemp can not only grow super efficiently, is a rotation crop, grown organically, and produces more oxygen than redwoods, but also be used in almost ever aspect of our daily lives. It is a great fuel source, whether we mean electricity or gas, and is one of the sturdiest fibers for construction. It's also a great source of amino acids with amazing nutritional value. The original material for jeans, hemp is one of the softest and sturdiest fabrics known to man, and has a stunningly light fit that makes it perfect for hot summers without pit stains (I'm looking at you linen). Hemp production has been outlawed for years in the US for purely corporatist interests, but is now making a come back with companies such as Vital Hemp based in beautiful Venice Beach, CA, who are truly using their passion for purpose in making a healthier, happier earth. 

Check out their online catalogue-- I highly recommend adding at least one teeshirt to your summer wardrobe-- to look great, while feeling better in head-to-toe Hemp designs.

Live Vitally.