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But loving him is RED...

Taking a tip from TSwift herself, Red is truly the most romantic and passionate color. From roses, to lips, the imagery that comes with a bold red color can only invigorate a vibrant energy within you when wearing it. In my experience, there's nothing better than a bright cherry red dress to make any day enchanting. 

I adore this new Red Dress from VIPMe, with a stunning silk material that billows out from my hips into a lovely tea-cup skirt. It is truly difficult to find the perfect shade of red for your unique skin tone-- at VIPme, they're all about finding what fits your unique style and look, carrying a wide variety of styles and colors in their online catalogue so you can find the perfect piece to fit you. I was thrilled when I browsed the site, finding this incredible shade of red, with just enough orange tint to compliment my porcelain pale skin to perfection. With an open back and fitted bodice, this is such a flirty and flattering piece perfect for a romantic evening out in the gardens.

For an extra touch of glamour, I added a sparkling geometric gemstone Necklace to my ensemble-- also available online at VIPme! I adore the gold details of this little accent, and the beautiful minimalistic design that catches the eye while remaining delicate, feminine, and understated. I am always so impressed by the products at everything is such high quality and always the essence of femininity. Their sizing charts are always perfectly measured with the clothing, ensuring that whatever item you choose is going to fit and flatter your unique body type. The stylists at have cultivated a beautiful portfolio of style, carrying exclusive designs from top designers influenced by modern and classic eras of fashion.

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VIPme is a proud activist in supporting others to be their true, unique selves, and live life every day to express their passions.

"We at VIPme believe that we humans can't be defined and limited by labels, stereotypes, or others' thinking. We are what we feel inside. We are all beautiful. What does it take to become an admirable and respected person? Being beautiful/handsome? Becoming educated/rich? Having a successful career? Or, Gaining perspective."



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