Why You're Not Satisfied With Your Outfit


In the beauty world, we put a lot of importance into outfits. It makes sense when you consider that they’re the face we show to the world. Before anything, passersby will look at our clothes. So, of course, we want to get them right. No matter what, a perfect outfit is the main priority. Isn’t it?

Perhaps not. Be honest; how often have you perfected an outfit, only to find that it doesn’t work on the day? It may be that you’ve worn it before and it was fine. Or, perhaps you tried it on and loved it. Either way, the moment comes to face the world, and that perfect outfit doesn’t look so good. The clothes haven’t changed, so what’s the issue?

Your hair

Never underestimate how important hair is to appearance. If something’s off about your image, consider whether your hair is to blame. It may be that you’re having a bad hair day. Sticking your hair up, or slipping a hat on could solve the issue. If the problem is ongoing, it might be that your hair has outgrown itself. As styles start to lose their shape, it can seem impossible to get them how we want. In this instance, head to sites like www.marieclaire.com to find a cut which suits better. Or, you may just want to get it cut back into the style you had. Even a small fringe trim can make an outfit work again. Bear in mind, too, that color could be to blame. Different hair colors work at different times of the year. If even a cut doesn’t cure the issue, think about investing in a new dye job.

Your skin

Nothing is quite as unreliable as skin. One day, it’s smooth and flawless. The next, it’s flaking and patchy. One thing’s for sure; bad skin won’t compliment any outfit. So, when an outfit isn’t fitting, consider your skin condition. Are there breakouts which need attention? Lucky for you, there are many creams on the market which can do the job. Plus, wearing thicker foundation for the day will hide a multitude of sins. If breakouts happen often, you may want to head to montanamedicalaesthetics.com or others like them. Here, you can receive treatments like a Microdermabrasion-DermaSweep, which can keep things clear for longer.

Your makeup

And, of course; don’t forget that makeup can play a huge part in bringing an outfit together. Everything, from the type of eyeliner you wear, to your color of lipstick, will make a difference. If an outfit isn’t working as it has done, it may be that your color scheme is wrong, or your makeup doesn’t compliment. It should be relatively easy to judge this. If your eye is distracted by your makeup, something isn’t right. In this case, either resort to the makeup you wore last time you tried the outfit, or think about your color scheme. Bold outfits usually call for subtle makeup. If you’re wearing neutral colors, go for something a little wilder.