How To Choose The Most Flattering Color To Wear

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It sometimes happens that an amazing dress, which looked just more than perfect on display, turns into a shapeless piece of rag when you try it on.

The trick is your hair and skin color, as well as individual features like the shape of eyebrows, affect greatly on the way different colors look on you. So, it’s gonna be a great idea to check what is your most flattering color to wear before going shopping next time.

You can determine best colors for skin tone passing an online test, or find out what’s your season right here below to avoid one of the biggest style blunders.

Wanna get answers to the questions of “What colors should I wear”-kind? If yes, scroll down and get exactly what you need!

1. Summer

General Characteristics

Summer type is the most common throughout the world. Such skin has blue, red, or pink undertones during the white paper test, and the natural skin color varies from light-pink to light-grey – it’s like covered with a mist. The hair is usually fair, light brown, or in cold ash shades. The eyes are grey, grey-blue, grey-green, dark-brown, or hazel.

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What to Wear

  • romantic style, country style, and relaxed classics

  • thin, soft, transparent, and airy fabrics and materials (chiffon, velvet, lace, crepe-georgette, jersey, veil, fine wool and cashmere, tweed and knitwear)

  • small soft patterns, abstractions, and floral prints

  • lace inserts and elegant drapery

  • combine the colors in clothes following the monochromatic principle (combine 3 or more shades of the same color)

What to Avoid

  • warm colors, bright and acid colors (orange, ocher, carrot-red, egg yolk color, caustic-green, dark-violet, dark-grey, dark-blue, lilac)

  • black (makes you look older) and white (unless you’ve tanned)

  • sharp geometric lines, angles, plaid and striped patterns


  • platinum, silver and white gold are better than yellow gold

  • white and pink pearls also emphasize your femininity

  • precious and semiprecious stones should be in cold shades

Accessories & Footwear

  • various chiffon scarves are great for the romantic summer style

  • best colors for shoes are: grey, grey-blue, brown-pink, and summer pastel shades

  • black footwear


  • Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Paris Hilton

  • Cameron Diaz

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2. Spring

General Characteristics

Spring ladies have light thin skin, blonde or fine hair, rosy cheeks, and light-blue, grey, light-brown, or light-green eyes. The lashes and eyebrows are usually also light. The skin has golden, cream, and peach undertones during the white paper test and is rather sensitive to the sunlight – it gets sunburnt quickly, and often has freckles.

The Palette

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What to Wear

  • give priority to sporty styles with feminine elements

  • classy shapes and silhouettes and simple lines without fancy details will look good

  • monotonous thin and lightweight fabrics: cotton, linen, velvet, knitwear with tiny flowers or polka-dots

  • light, warm, radiant colors

  • any color with a yellow tint will suit your appearance well (peach, apricot, orange, red, golden, creamy, red)

  • shades of green (colors of young foliage, apple, aquamarine, golden-turquoise

What to Avoid

  • snowy white, cold pink, silver-grey, coal-black, dark colors

  • blurred gentle shades of summer type (cold shades of yellow, blue-white)

  • large bright patterns and prints

  • romantic style (lace, frill, ruches)

  • extravagant, theatrical clothes and bizarre accessories


Best choice for spring type is gold jewelry. Remember: silver is not your cup of tea. A fine creamy pearl is a very good choice, as well as yellow topaz, sunny amber, and sky-blue turquoise – they’ll perfectly suit your sophisticated appearance. Besides, the brighter and larger your jewelry is, the easier cut of clothes you should wear

Accessories & Footwear

The basic colors for shoes, gloves, and handbags are light-brown, golden-brown, and warm beige. Black shoes are not in harmony with your image, but they are a must-have for a smart outfit.


  • Scarlett Johansson

  • Nicole Kidman

  • Cate Blanchett

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3. Winter

General Characteristics

People of winter color type are standing out due to their contrasts: black or dark-brown hair contrasts sharply against a pale skin with a blue, red, or pink undertone and dark-brown, green, or blue eyes.

The Palette

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What to Wear

  • smart clothes: edgy lines, pure colors, and expensive materials

  • cute nail designs for winter type, using any combo from the cold palette

  • shiny and smooth fabrics: satin, leather, cashmere, knitwear

  • big geometric patterns

  • total black and total white colors

  • other colors from the cold palette like pure red, ruby, wine, scarlet, dark purple, emerald, sea-blue, pure deep blue, dark blue, ultramarine, pure gray, dark blue-gray, bright pink, lemon-yellow, neon yellow, bluish-white

What to Avoid

  • a romantic style, overly fancy details like ruches, frills, soft floral patterns

  • faded yellow, red-brown, brick, earthy, pastel colors – they don’t fit the contrasting winter type

  • all shades of orange


As the shades of warm yellow and orange are not recommended for this type, you’d better avoid gold jewelry. What’s gonna suit you and highlight your natural beauty is white gold, platinum, silver, white pearls, emeralds, diamonds, white rhinestones.


  • Monica Bellucci

  • Dita Von Teese

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4. Autumn

General Characteristics

Girls of the autumn color type have golden, warm or yellow skin undertones during the white paper test. They seem to shimmer with warm red-brown hues at the end of a cozy autumn day.

The ideal embodiment of "warm autumn" is the skin of golden hues, copper, bright red or golden-brown hair, and a warm shade of eyes (amber, nutty). Such skin doesn’t like sunbathing; however, a light bronze tint emphasizes its beauty.

The Palette

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What to Wear

  • safari, country, folklore and sports styles

  • folklore, plant, animal, leopard prints;

  • complex colorways within the warm palette

  • matte, heavy, and rough materials: tweed, cord, linen, leather, suede, corduroy, drape

What to Avoid

  • romantic style

  • snowy white and black – they make you seem older than you are

  • pastel blue and pastel pink

  • cold red, emerald, gray-green, almost all blue palette, dark purple, cold lilac, beige


Gold, red gold, creamy pearls, wood jewelry are meant for the autumn color-type. The items can be large and catchy: multi-tiered beads, long earrings, massive rings – this will add some charm to your image.

Accessories & Footwear

The best colorways for bags and footwear are brown and beige. Also, try experimenting with long scarves.


  • Julia Roberts

  • Lindsay Lohan

  • Julianne Moore
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