Perfecting that Party Look


If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll know I’ve written about certain ‘looks’ before. One piece that jumps to my mind is one I wrote about your professional look. Today, we’re moving away from the professional scene and thinking about parties. How can you create the perfect party look, from head to toe? Here are my ideas, I think they’ll help you out.

Style Your Hair

In everyday life, you can get away with some casual hairstyles. But, if you’re trying to complete the perfect party look, then you have to think about the style more intently. There are loads of cool and classy hairstyles you can opt for, it’s hard for me to pick one as everyone has different hair. What I will say is that hair care is very important. Always make sure you’ve washed and conditioned your hair before you go out. Ensure there’s no frizz, and use a hairspray to finish off your chosen style. This helps create the ideal look and makes your hair stay in place no matter how hard you dance.


Bring Out Your Best Makeup

One of the big differences between the party look and most other looks is that you can use more makeup than usual. Now, you can break out the mascara and eyeshadow, a killer shade of lipstick, some contour & highlighter - the list goes on. Bring out all the key features while styling your makeup. Play around with your eyes, so the lashes are nice and long, your eyeshadow brings out your natural eye color, and you’ve even got a sharp winged eyeliner going on. Use contour and a highlighter to bring out your cheekbones and really give your face a defined look. Finish with some lipstick that makes your lips look fuller and colorful. All of this will guarantee you turn heads at the party, and that your selfies are on fleek.


Dress To Impress

My favorite thing about going to a party or going out somewhere nice is that you get to dress up. No longer are you restricted to wearing your work clothes, you can finally let loose. Again, there are so many different styles and outfits you could choose from. My advice is to dress to impress and bring out your best features. If you like your legs and want to show them off, then a little playsuit, short dress, or skirt are fantastic options. If you’re proud of what you’re offering in the chest department, then go for something tight that shows off your assets in a subtle way. Most importantly, make sure all the colors are on point, and you’re not mixing things that don’t match. Of course, round off your look with a stunning pair of shoes. Don’t opt for a tatty pair here, wear some that exude class and make you feel like a million bucks!

With these tips, you will surely perfect the party look this year. No doubt a lot of you will be heading out to parties over the next few weeks, so follow this advice if you want to look great from head to toe.