The Journey

Hey there, I'm Olivia :)

It all started when I was about 11...
    I was in this play, and they really drove us
into the ground. Soon the entire cast was super sick!!! Except
me....I was perfectly healthy!!  Until the last month...
    I went down
 hard. I had to get steroids and an inhaler. Well I was able to do the show and
everything was great. But halfway through, We started noticing red, angry
lesions across my face! Then I started to get increasingly bad acne. We were horrified! The doctors said it was stress and steroid induced acne. We tried everything: they started me on Minocycline which made it worse--then when that didn't work-- they even put me on the pill--- when I was only 11!!!!
 Then another doctor prescribed MicroRetin A,  which virtually burned my skin--and we did a million other topicals including acne facials that were so painful to endure I threw up after them--and my face looked as if it had acid spilled on it---so that didn't work and the facials made my acne even worse.
 It started to look like my face had been chewed off by a rat.
 We went to about 12 doctors,who tried all sorts of their own washes and lotions and all said I had to go on ACCUTANE!!!  I spent the entire summer in doctor's offices and my mother cried herself to sleep every night, especially when people in town all came up to her and said how they were "So sorry to see what has happened to Olivia--especially as she was so beautiful..."  YIKES!!
My mother got so much pressure to hurry and put me on Accutane before I was scarred forever--as one doctor told me to my FACE-- that I already was!!  And another doctor actually told me nobody WOULD EVER LOVE  me with "THAT all over your face"-----HARSH right?   My Mom was a wreck after that one--but she searched even harder for the RIGHT doctor----one that would have a little heart for a twelve year old girl facing JUNIOR HIGH, not to mention the rest of her life!
   Finally we found a physician from the USC/KecK School who was wonderful with extreme expertise!  She said to my Mom-that she was right to be as worried as she was-that my skin problem was severe but that she would stay on this until my face was once again clear!! She said she would never put a young girl on the Pill or Accutane and that my Mom was right to keep searching for a better answer. This amazing doctor changed my complexion, and worked with us and prescribed Doxycycline, and Clenia, and Diffferin as topicals. We saw leaps and bounds of improvement in just three months-- but it wasn't enough.
    I still had a few blemishes that wouldn't go away and not to mention the huge, deep scars that had lodged in my cheeks and were nearly impossible to hide and had actually changed the shape of my face!!!.
    So ....... my Mom who used to be a top personal trainer in Los Angeles with a background in Nutrition and had published a diet diary before I was born, started doing TONS of research cross referencing all these sites on eating to cure acne.  She met with Macrobiotic Specialists, Herbologists, Nutritionists and Kinesiologists--even Spiritual Healers!!!  After a month of research we decided there was a definitive list of foods that everybody agreed on, so we decided to try it!   My Mom and I made shopping trips to every organic market within 30 miles of our house-not all of them carried everything on our list so we finally managed to find it all within four stores in the neighboring two towns.  Then my Mom went to different plant nurseries to find all organic non-GMO plants and seeds to grow our own organic vegetables, herbs and fruits again and to add to our already organic orchard growing on our property.  That way we could cut down on food costs-and we could have our own supply of organic groceries right in our yard!
    I started my new eating regimen of no dairy, gluten/wheat, corn or sugar, and all organic, mostly raw foods, since about July 2011. It was super hard at first... Being such a junk loving kid, I was craaaving all kinds of cookies, sugar, chocolate, ice cream and just about everything sweet! (stuff that I would never dream of touching now...) But after a while I realized how beautiful it was making me!  People I had known for years would stop and stare at me and say, "Oh Olivia! You're glowing!!!"... "Your skin is so gorgeous!!!"... "What have you been doing?"... "What's your secret????".........
     Soon, my acne had all gone away! I was completely clear! Then with the help from miracle skin cream Nerium, my huge scars really filled out and my skin became nearly flawless!!!!!!
I've been eating dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free for about a year now and not only is it actually FUN to learn how to eat this way--I FEEL so much better and I am so much healthier, happier, and way more------ beautiful!!!!!

Even though these images are very painful and almost shocking for me to see, I wish I had kept the pictures of my skin when it was really at its worse. Though these are bad, it is nothing compared to what I used to have. So here, to share with you, my journey to beautiful skin. It was very difficult, and I am still fighting today, but it is a battle I am willing to fight to remain pure and healthful. xoxo


 Even WITH makeup I wasn't great.

But now…
Pictures not airbrushed

Even more recently (as the struggle continues):

Now i can be proud of my skin. A strict regimen, discipline, and a love for my health keeps me on track. I shall notify you all of any new skin products I am using that do miraculous things, and I cheer you all on in your journeys for beautiful skin and lives.

Thank you so much for supporting Obeautiful.
Please know that no matter what is on the surface, you are all so beautiful. xoxo

Lovey Fleming