Hello darlings! I'm Lovey, and I cured my severe cystic acne with the power of healthy food! (read "The Story" for my full adventure of health and happiness!) I'm 15 years old, and am a passionate health and lifestyle, food, and style blogger who loves to share my inspiration with the world.
Style Queen:
My blog has grown to be more and more about my style and passion for fashion in recent years. I am on and What I Wear fashion sites, and would describe my look as Vintage-Boho-Chic. I find that clothes make the man, so why not have fabulous clothes?
Fashion is definately part of my personality and am thrilled to be able to share that with you. Check out style posts under the label "Style in Spades".
I am an original singer songwriter and am currently working like crazy on a new albulm. So stay tuned (pun!) and I would love your support! Check me out on Youtube under the name Lovey Fleming <3
I am working on a cookbook that will be 100% gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free and organic. This is all part of my regular every day diet and how I cured my skin. It will be composed of many original recipes that I am working on and will be blogging about many of my creations under the tag "Foodies". xoxo
My mission is to help all people with health related issues, as well as just in their daily days, to feel wonderful about themselves, and to achieve their full health and potential. I know that together, we can make the planet organic, we can create a whole and thriving society with no epidemics or illness. When we take care of ourselves and our amazing bodies, we can increase the prosperity of everyone around us too. I am so passionate about the health and well being of us as individuals, and our planet, and I hope I will inspire my readers to live full, loving, and beautiful lives!

Lovey Fleming