An Adult Allowance To Do Your Younger Self Proud

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When we’re kids, the lucky among us got pocket money from our parents. Some of you probably spent the offering straight away, on sweets and other short-term goodies. But, the determined among us saved and saved for that cardigan which had been calling us from a shop window.
Depending on how much you got, it might’ve taken months to reach the destined amount. But, eventually, you had enough in your piggy bank to afford that big fashion purchase.

During those saving sessions, the majority of us turn to one comforting fact - when we start earning, we can spend more money on our passions. You probably convinced yourself that, as an adult, you'd have a whole room dedicated to clothes. You may even have imagined a vanity table brimming with beauty products to keep you looking young.

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But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, those dreams came crashing down the moment you started your first job. There’s no denying that earning money is satisfying. It creates a real sense of achievement to know that someone thinks your time is worth paying for. But, every earning adult knows all too well the harsh reality of payday. Instead of having as much money to spend as you can imagine, your bank account is empty again within a few hours.

Why, then, did we manage to save the small allowance we used to get, yet fail to set aside treat money from our earnings? Surely now is the time in your life when you shouldn’t put sanctions on your spending? Didn’t you deal with that enough during childhood?

Of course, to overcome the problem, you need to realize where your money goes. This varies for us all, but most of the time bills and savings gobble our earnings the moment we get them. And, as ironic as it may seem, a fantastic way around the issue is to set aside a monthly allowance just for you. It might mean taking $20 or so out of the savings pot each month, but it’s a sure way to find a little happiness. Turn back to the frugal saving methods of your youth, and focus on one large item at a time.

It may also be worth making the most of a more adult form of allowance. Shop loyalty schemes are a fantastic way to get the most for your money. And, developing an affordable treatment plan with companies like James Christian Cosmetics could be the best way to spread your beauty costs over the course of the year. These options, which weren’t open to your younger self, can ensure your savings take you further than ever.

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And, if you ever start to doubt setting money aside in this way, take a look in the mirror. Imagine yourself at ten, fifteen, and twenty. You owe it to those younger versions of yourself to feel good about your appearance. An allowance now is the only way real way to make your previous saving efforts worthwhile.