Watch Out for these Modern Features for Prom Dresses

Prom night is supposed to be a night to remember, so make sure your 2016 dress has the best features. Here’s what to look out for.


You’re limiting your choice if you stick to solid colours. Some of the most stunning prom dresses are all about prints. This is a great way to combine all sorts of shades for a stylish look. Best of all, print dresses are a better way of matching your favourite jewellery and shoe combinations.

Go Glam For Prom

Many of the modern prom dresses are all about producing the wow factor. Some boast embellishments throughout the entire dress. Others encompass illusion fabrics that will flatter the wearer incredibly and some even offer fitted silhouettes for a highly fashionable and unique looks.

Look Out For These Modern Cut-outs

If you’ve been working really hard on your tan and figure, you’ve simply got to show them off when prom comes around. So why not go for a dress with a sexy back or side cut-outs that will accentuate your natural beauty. Or perhaps consider a completely backless dress. Modern dresses include sparkling beadwork, subtle cut-outs, and even crisscross backs that end in a V-neck front. X-backs are also very in and extremely beautiful. You can take a look at the selection of stunning, modern prom dresses at

Tiers, Ruffles, and Bows

These are all very in! There’s nothing quite like a frilly accent to catch the eye. Bows do a good job at sprucing up just about any style and flirty ruffles of the floral variety are amazing for creating a jaunty look. Tiers do a good job of helping to build a three-dimensional ensemble. Combine all of these elements and you are likely to have the most talked about dress at your prom! Take a look at our range of Quinceanera dress with a multi-color ombre skirt.

Think dresses with bows in the back for a great accent or even shorter dresses with bubble skirts and sequined hemlines along with delicate spaghetti straps.  Satin ribbons that tie around the waist are trendy, chic, and really comfortable.

Asymmetrical Prom Dresses

Do you want your prom dress to look like a true work of art? Why not opt for an asymmetrical appearance that will stand out in a room full of all those traditional designs. You can achieve this look by using gorgeous straps, draping, and necklines. A great example of asymmetry is a one shoulder long dress with a side slit skirt and detailed bodice. Fuller layered skirts are fantastic for flattering fuller figures. A conventional black strapless prom silhouette gown with side-drape ruffle is also a timeless classic.

Final Word

When you begin the hunt for your 2016 prom dress, don’t just settle for frumpy, boring, and stody. Look for modern prom dresses with these features along with dazzling accents, sexy designs, and vibrant colours. After all, prom is supposed to be a big night to remember, so make sure everyone will remember the dress you wore and make sure it stands the test of time across social media platforms!

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