Love Heals

. . . . .

Life is hard. Life is tough. Beaten down, broken up; tumbled through the trials and tribulations that come from just stepping out your door. We shoulder through, and soldier on, developing a photo-album of scars which we carry on our backs as war medals to honor the past. Pain is human, heartache is natural, and all that heals it is time and love.
Love heals. 
When the screaming wind hits your fragile flesh and all you feel is numb. When faith is burnt out, strung out, hung out to dry on the wall, and you can taste your tears bleeding in the night. When you wake up praying for dreams, for that is the only escape you get these days. When no amount of medicine can fight this infection, this parasitic fear that envelops your heart and eats at your bones, love will heal your soul, love will heal it all. No matter what devils you face in life,
Love heals.

And we all need a little love lately.

This incredible post is inspired by the ultimate in bohemian style, designed and created in Ojai California by the incomparable Love Heals. Love Heals was born in 2005 "with the vision to create a company that gives back to nature and humanity. It was a natural reflection of the environment they had cultivated on their farm and the surrounding town of Ojai, CA. Love Heals jewelry is coveted for its bohemian spirit, rich textures and worldly design element, and it’s not by happenstance." Partnering with Trees for the Future, Love Heals plants 10 trees per design sold, and has in total planted 1.4 million trees to rejuvenate the environment and help families break out of poverty globally. Read more about Their Mission and Shop the Love Heals collections online and in my post above!

 Wishing you all love and healing this week