The Guru of Hue

It's amazing what a color can do.

In my years of being a devoted fashionista, I have gone through life struggling and searching for not only the right fit, cut, and size in an item, but also the right color. After many trials and errors, I have discovered that there are colors that either make me look like a movie star, or a Hollywood monster. 

 Wouldn't it be great if we all had our own personal color chart written for us at birth?

Well we do! According to top LA Red Carpet Stylist Jill Kirsh, all of our individual colors, perfectly suited for our skin tones, highlights, and eyes, is written in our hair. With her years of styling expertise for big name celebrities for red carpet events, as well as styling for top TV networks and Magazines, Jill Kirsh-- named "The Guru of Hue" for her wondrous ways with a color palette-- features not only complete color guides, but also makeup kits that are sure to be just the boost you need to look flawless from camera to the street. 

My Jill Kirsh Color Kit is right on point, featuring bright reds, blushes, rich browns, forest greens, and navy-- colors I have devised from years of trial and error that suit me best. I cannot imagine how much easier shopping would have been all those years if I had known about her amazing kit!
But, now I think it's time for a little color cleansing before fall :) 

Check out the Jill Kirsh Color Website to shop her color kits and makeup guides to have you looking red carpet ready every day! 

Stay Colorful!