After Prom: The Best Ways To Re-Use Your Dress!

Prom is a huge event in any young person’s life. It’s fun, it’s exciting, you get to wow your date and create memories that will likely last a lifetime. One of the best parts about prom is getting to wear a stunning new dress, and picking one out will likely involve weeks of browsing and trying things on until you find one that is perfect for you. However a prom dress is a big purchase, and when the day has been and gone it can feel like a bit of a waste having a gorgeous gown hung in your wardrobe gathering dust. Thankfully there are ways you can re-use your prom dress, here are some ideas.


Donate to a Charity

There are some wonderful charities out there which turn wedding and prom dresses into gowns for stillborn babies. During a heartbreaking and extremely difficult time, they ensure that this little person is dressed beautifully for their funeral which can be a weight off the minds of the parents. Since many stillborn babies are also premature, it means that regular clothes won't fit them and so this service is particularly useful. You can be safe in the knowledge that after the prom, your dress is being used for a truly wonderful cause.

Give it Away/ Donate It

Instead of letting your stunning dress hang in your wardrobe for years until it finally goes out of style, why not pass it along to someone else? If you donate it to a charity shop, another girl who perhaps couldn’t have afforded a new dress will be able to look and feel beautiful for the night. You could also pass it onto a friend or relative for an event or their own prom. That way it’s getting more use and isn’t simply going to waste after one evening.

Use It For Halloween

Another way you can utilise your prom dress is by transforming it into a Halloween costume. You can create some really cool looking zombie bride/ zombie prom queen looks which will look really impressive with an actual ball gown. This will mean staining it with fake blood, ripping it up and generally destroying it though so this option really is the end of the line for your gown. But if it’s not going to get any further use or has already been damaged in some way meaning it’s unsuitable to give it away this could get one last wear from it.

Use The Material

If you’re a crafty and creative kind of person, another option would be to use the material. How about turning it into a cushion, you could even embroider the year or date of your prom onto it as a fun keepsake? That way you could keep it on your bed or on your sofa and it’s not just tucked away in storage. You could use the remainder of the fabric to create things like belts, headbands or other accessories.

Have you reused your prom dress?