#HoldOntoHope with The Tote Project








Many of you might not know this, but slavery is not just tragic history...
Today, millions of unknown and unnamed victims (a large demographic of which are young women) are illegally sold into sex slavery, more commonly known as human trafficking.

This issue is hugely emotional for me, and nothing boils my blood more than knowing that there are countless suffering every day under horrifying circumstances in the most demeaning way possible, and what's worse is that this is a conversation we rarely hear on the news or the national agenda. 

I have felt so helpless, getting through the day by pushing away the constant guilt of knowing that more and more victims are being affected daily. The one thing that keeps me going is finding beautiful organizations and companies that are using their market influence to stop this madness and nurture survivors. 

Incredible, life giving companies like The Tote Project.

The Tote Project

Partners Fay Grant and Michelle Chavez started The Tote Project with "passion for empowerment, for restoration, for freedom," selling beautifully handcrafted totes, pouches, and purses to help rehabilitate and support sex trafficking survivors achieve full recovery and stability. The ladies decided to donate 20% of their profits to help survivors of human trafficking in the United States, and employ women in India who are trying to support their families after leaving the sex trade.

I truly cannot think of a more just cause, and am so inspired by what these women have created. The simple and sweet designs on each Tote Project item is truly heartening, and my personal favorite is the Free To Bloom Pouch, reminding us all of our fundamental human rights that many are living without. Their #HoldOntoHope Campaign has inspired me to be vocal about this issue, and not mute my despair because I don't want to make others uncomfortable. 

I often wonder how people would react if slavery was going on today...
Well, it is.
And I for one will not allow it to continue in silence.

Please follow and support @TheToteProject online and shop their beautiful items to help victims in need!