Night & Day with StyleWe


with Stylewe

So basically, this is all I wear...
Biker Jacket + Bodycon
What else can a fashion girl ask for?
These days, between classes, shoots, meetings, and events, I find myself running from place to place out on the town from dawn till dusk, and usually without an outfit change in between. To compensate for a crazy schedule, I love finding a few wardrobe staples that ground my style and make day to night transitions the epitome of effortless. Lately, that's been the super chic combo of a classic jacket and bondage bodycon dress to take me from morning coffee to a nightly rager with flawless fashion flare. Even though I wear this combination-- no joke-- almost every day, the various combinations are rarely ever the same. Just by switching up the styles and playing with color contrast, you can have a mix of outfits that are, essentially similar, and yet a Night and Day difference.

Like a kid in a candy store, I freaked when I saw all of the gorgeous designs from StyleWe! From daytime chic to night life bondage, Stylewe has an incredible selection of all the hottest designs on the fashion market. I have been shopping from StyleWe since I saw their amazing Summer Silk Collection, and I've been endlessly impressed by the unique fashions, high quality, and amazing customer service from this top selling retailer. Check out new Trending Knitwear for all your fall essentials from StyleWe today!

Wishing you a fantastic first week of November!