Tips to Avoid Wearing the Same Prom Dress as Your Schoolmates

Turning up to your prom, the biggest night in a young woman’s life to date, and someone else is wearing the same prom dress style as yours! This surely sounds like any girls worst nightmare, right? You can read about several horror stories on the internet and various blogs, and it is interesting hearing how people have learnt from their experiences.

From inventing apps to looking in completely new places for buying prom dresses, there are ways you can guarantee your prom dress is unique. First of all, shopping somewhere which has a wide selection of dresses is essential. It’s good to consider prom dress boutiques like Peaches Boutique which has a stunning range of dresses like this:

1.    Download ‘reserve the dress’ app

Designed by someone who knows about the disastrous situation first hand! This app allows every girl to reserve their dress for prom and get it registered on the app. This way, before you even make the purchase, you will be able to browse and see if anyone in your area has brought it before you.

2.    Shop at places which have a ‘one dress policy’

Some shops will refuse to sell the same prom dress to any two girls from the same school. This is great as it gives you that extra peace of mind, and the chances of doubling up on a prom gown discovered online are very slim.

3.    Check out a prom dress registry site

A girl who does not want to experience the horrors of having someone turn up to prom with the same dress should check a prom dress registry site. All you need to do is register your prom gown and a photo of your dress on the site. Then, you need to repost it to social networks, just to make sure that your friends know and you don’t double up.  

4.    Stay clear of new trends

 You may be very tempted to go for ‘what’s hot,’ but just remember these designs will in the top-seller sections of every popular prom store. You want to change the way you are looking at dresses despite it being online or in store.  The vast majority will end up shopping for trends and look at ‘what’s hot for 2016’ on Google.  

5.    Check prom dress stores

 Check out local and online prom dress stores for the best in unique occasion wear. You will get your hands on something truly exclusive as they usually only stock one of each dress anyway. This way, you automatically cut out the potential of seeing your prom-dress-double! 

At Peaches Boutique, you will discover dresses that will make you look like a princess. Not only will you look like a princess, but you will look completely unique if you follow the tips outlined above.

Remember to do these things next time you are searching for a prom dress, and you will avoid going down the same route as everyone else. This way, you can feel and look special for prom without running into the risk of seeing your dress twin!