Are Health And Style In Harmony?


Can health and fashion live in harmony together? By this we mean, can we live healthily while still looking stylish, staying cool and stunning. We think, all things considered, the answer to this question can be a resounding yes. While style can certainly impact your health, it can also be stylish to stay healthily. Perhaps one of the best examples of this to consider is weight.

Is the weight and shape of your body stylish? In the world of models, you might be stylish if you are ultra-thin, but that’s not the case in typical society. If you are too thin to be considered healthy, people don't think you’re stylish, they’ll suspect there is something seriously wrong with you. They might comment on your weight and not in the positive way you had hoped for. Indeed, you can feel judged and even shamed because they will perceive you to be living unhealthily to try and look beautiful. It is perhaps an unfair assumption but one that will become quickly apparent.

What about if you are overweight? The sad fact is that most fashionable clothing isn’t designed for people who are overweight. It’s supposed to cling to the body and show off your curves in the right way. So, if you are overweight,  and we don’t mean by a few pounds, you will struggle to look fashionable. As well as this, people who are unfit are never truly going to be in fashion because that’s not what society deems to be the perfect form. Believe it or not, it’s worth looking at superheroes when considering this.

Superheroes are in fashion right now, just look at the massive number of views for the latest Avengers trailer. Captain America played by Chris Evans is designed to be the perfect man, and his buff physique certainly sells tickets. Evan’s has to work hard for months to get in shape, and the same is true for Gal Gadot’s slender yet fighting fit Wonder Woman. If you want to be fashionable, these are the type of physiques you should be aiming for. At the very least, you need to work to maintain a natural figure and healthy BMI.

Let’s look at a few other fashionable ideas that fit good health and a few that certainly do not.

Can't See Past My Shades



Perhaps one of the most iconic parts of fashion that is actually related to health is sunglasses. If you think about it, sunglasses have been part of fashion for decades now. Popstars, fashion icons, celebrities and action movie stars have all worn sunglasses. As well as this, many people have grown used to wearing them out in public, whether the sun is out or not. But did you ever think that this is more beneficial to your health than looking cool? Actually, it’s a little of both.

While sunglasses are stylish and perhaps always will be they also protect the health of your eyes, ensuring that you do not expose them the sun’s most harmful rays. You might look at people who wear these sunglasses through the night and think they are being ridiculous, submitting to the worst fashion trends, but you’d be surprised. Interestingly, light that shines all through the night emits blue rays that can be just as harmful.

That’s why companies like Spektrum have worked to develop protective glasses that look cool and stylish while protecting your eyes. You can find more about Spektrum online, but it is interesting to think that one of the most fashionable accessories has always been related to both health and safety. Somewhere there is probably a research paper exploring why that is.

Wear Sunscreen



It’s fair to say that in the past, people were desperate to make their skin as brown as possible. On TV shows aimed at teen girls characters would utter sentences like, ‘is it bad to burn on top of a burn’ as we watched their skin turn golden brown. While the writer gets the laugh from the audience, it doesn’t change the fact they were showing audiences the ‘benefit’ of getting a good tan. These girls were shown later with beautiful brown skin.

However, lately, there has been a shift in the perception of tanning. It has been seen as less of something stylish and more of something ridiculous. If you see people in pop culture these days who have excessively tanned, they are usually to be mocked. Think ‘Jersey Shore’ and other similar shows. These bright bronze women and men are not people to idolize but rather the village idiots. Instead, the people who are deemed to be truly stylish like Cara Delevingne and other models have more natural looking skin that probably hasn’t been roasted under the sun for hours. As such, it is becoming more fashionable to not only wear sunscreen but not bother sunbathing at all.

Squeezing In



Of course, there are some fashion styles and trends that are never going to be healthy and often bounce back into style. An example of this would be the corset. We thought the corset had died a death in fashion in the Victorian era. But a few years ago it reared its ugly head thanks to the Kardashian’s championing it and never left again. It was re-marketed as a health benefit for getting the body shape you wanted, but nothing could have been further from the truth. Squeezing your body into the hourglass is never going to be healthy and could leader to major health issues late in life.

High heels are another part of fashion that aren’t good for you but will always be ultra stylish. High heels make your legs look longer, a trick that Taylor Swift loves. But the fact is that they are damaging both your feet and your muscles in your legs, perhaps leaving you in pain later in life.

So, the fact is that sometimes fashion and health do live together wonderfully and other times they are on the complete opposite sides of the line. It all depends on the trend at play.