Shopaholic Fall Style Guide

Confessions of a teenage shopaholic....

While shopping is a big part of my day-to-day job, I often find myself in a stage of fascination with stalking sales, digging up discounts, and splurging on anything and everything that sparks my fancy. Especially when preparing for a new season of blogging, I tend to justify what some would call "overboard" as simply "adding to my fall wardrobe" or stocking up for the new season ahead. While I love vintage shopping, the thrill of saving for the perfect piece, and shopping with purpose, there are days where I will log into my favorite online shopping destinations add just about anything to my cart as long as its on sale and in my size. For the shopaholic at heart, here's a peek into my all my fall crushes, and a little style guide to help you along in your binge-shopping adventures.

Fall Style Tip #1: Know Your Fabrics.
After combing every resource I have on the internet, and sifting through media guides, I have concluded that my fall wardrobe is going to revolve around very luxurious fabrics. Velvet, silk, leather, and, lace will be found littering my closet, and while I am not confined to these three, it's always good to have a few fabrics in mind when shopping.

#2: Know Your Fit
This is especially important for online shopping, when you have only to rely on your imagination and a few item descriptions listed below each tiny square on the screen. Know your measurements, as a rule, and decide what lengths, styles, and designs look best on your body. For my fall style, I am sticking to bodycon, high neck, short lengths, and fitted waists to play up my slim hourglass figure this season. A classic Funnel Neck Ribbed Top from Topshop is a perfect go-to staple for colder weather, and an item that will serve your style all year long.

#3: Follow Your Icon
While your style should always be your own, it's often helpful to pick an icon from past or present years as a source of style inspiration. Right now, I am really #vibing with the classic Parisian image of Bridget Bardot, in her boho-chic 1960's black and white style. My classic fall OOTD is basically comprised of over-the-knee boots, a leather mini skirt, ribbed turtleneck, and rayban sunglasses. 

Retro influences, sleek lines, and some black-tie/menswear inspired design thrown into the mix, is my suggested vision for a cool and classic wardrobe this season. Browse through the items below, and follow my Fall Closet Pinterest Board to see what's in my closet this fall! 





 Happy Fall Shopping babes, your closet will thank you.