Get Crafty With Your Clothing (DIY Fashion Tips)


Want a look that’s totally unique? Why not craft your own clothing? More women are picking up a needle and thread and hand-crafting their own wardrobes. Here are a few ways that you can get involve in DIY clothing.

Design your own dresses

Dressmaking takes a bit of patience but can be a very fun hobby. You’ll need a few tools such as a sewing machine, ruler and fabric scissors. From here you can start designing and building your own dresses. You can get fabrics from all kinds of places online for cheap. You can even buy bulk fabric if you’re planning on mass-producing a dress design. Some women even find creative ways of repurposing items such as bed linen, tablecloths and curtains. Extras such as buttons and zips can be bought from craft shops very cheaply – there are online tutorials that can teach you how to fix these on. It’s worth practicing with muslin blankets first to perfect your design before heading onto fabrics.

Try no-sew modifications

There are plenty of ways of modifying clothing without having to touch a needle and thread. Using scissors you can transform a dress into a blouse or a skirt into a scarf. You can also stick on pockets, studs and badges using nothing but superglue. You can even transform your shoes such as adding sequins to converses to make them unique.

Clothing to dye for

Dyeing clothes is another easy DIY hack that can transform a boring plain white tee into an eye-catching fashion piece. There are lots of different fabric dyeing techniques which you can learn online using elastic bands or simply dipping to create an ombre effect. You don’t even need to buy dyes to give it a go – if you’ve got a plain coloured t-shirt, you may be able to creatively bleach dye it and turn it into a funky statement piece.


Get knitting

Knitting and crocheting can be great hobbies to take up to expand your clothing craft skills. It’s not just a case of crafting ugly jumpers. You can also craft scarves and hats and even create your own unique accessories from bags to purses. There are lots of tutorials online to get you started.

Try jewelry making

On top of clothes, you can branch out into jewellery making. You’ll likely need a few pieces of kit to get started such as pliers and files, but this shouldn’t cost too much overall. From here you can start with some simple designs such as bead bracelets and earrings. After this you may be able to branch out into more creative designs uses special weaves and gems. You can buy spools of copper wire from many places online for cheap. Gems are likely to be more expensive, but it’s possible to shop around find affordable ones. You may not even want to work with gems – there are plenty of designs that you can try out using plastic and metal and leather.