Congratulations! It’s a…

Whatever your beautiful baby’s gender is, the little miracle you’ve been blessed with means everything to you, and the magic of life has touched your world like never before. Carrying a child can be the most incredible journey in your life, but also full of constant maintenance, and no doubt insatiable worry. Cut out the obsession and find answers now with! Check Pregnancy is an amazing full functioning website that can answer all your questions about baby health and mommy life in their many articles on everything you need to know when expecting. You can even leave your own concerns in their Ask A Question page directly on the website! New articles are coming out every day to give you up to the minute answers and help soothe those crazy sleepless nights.

I was born by C-section, and I always hear about the great struggles my mother went through trying to keep my brother and I in her womb. I can’t imagine what a relief an amazing all access site like this would have been for her during that trying time! Especially with C-Section concerns, Check Pregnancy has so many posts on the ins and outs of C-Section before and after care, even getting down to the dirty details that many sites won’t cover but are imperative for the mother’s knowledge.

Another area of concern during pregnancy is the yucky stuff coming out of you while your baby is safely inside. Because of growing demand for answers, Check Pregnancy has dedicated a whole section of articles to V-Discharge, including their new article “Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy,” giving you important insight to your inside.

Motherhood is no doubt the most honorable and courageous thing a woman can do, and you should be celebrating, not stressing, over your new adventure. Find answers at, taking you and your little angel safely from womb to world every step of the way.