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New Year, old me.

I'm ringing in the New Year with a few changes...

So all of you who have been following my blog this year know that I've chosen to specialize in women's work wear with an emphasis in sustainability. While I still love that mission and am so proud of the companies I've worked with and the content I've created this year, I've decided that 2018 is going to take a turn for the old-- more accurately, the true. 

There's always been two sides of me: country and city.
Born in Hollywood, I've been a city girl from the start. But at a young age, I left everything I knew and moved to central Florida, giving me an undeniable country heart. In my teenage years, I moved back to California, but to a small town in the mountains. Now going to college in the city, I see the two sides of me battling each other constantly. This year, I've decided to blend the two parts of my life, and truly accept the real Olivia here on The Indie Girl.

I've decided that what better way to blend my two passions than through my style, and have found the perfect mesh of city and country with hot and trendy pieces by MadeWorn on BlueandCream.com. With military inspiration as well as a killer Rocker Chic vibe, MadeWorn has fierce fashion to ring in the New Year and embrace the real you inside.

Madeworn's collection has made me feel so confident with their bold graphic tee's (shop similar here) and military jackets (shop more). Shop my favorite new uniform below and find many more favorites on www.bluecream.com.