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I think Barbie's gotten a bad rap lately...
In the middle of a society that hates society (ever heard anyone rant about the outrageous effects of "social constructs"?), there's been a lot of speculation and rejection of the 1950's Barbie Girl, with her insane measurements and the unrealistic, idealistic "perfection" that the doll "forced" onto all young women during that time. But in a historical setting, Barbie was an inspiration to many girls of her time. She was a stylist, with fabulous fashions, flawless makeup, and gorgeous hair. She was an icon, a role model, with standards that were meant to be unreachable, but always inspirational to the generation who held her in their little baby-boomer fingers. Glittered in pink and always painted with a smile, Barbie was the essence of feminine grace which was so upheld in the golden days of the hard working middle class. Maybe she doesn't fit into the modern world of feminists and free spirits, but she was the perfect idol for her time period.

This gorgeous summer sundress from TOBI is my all time favorite party dress, with a vintage inspired top that slopes into a flattering skater skirt-- with a modern twist cutout below the bust. The fit and flare style is incredibly flattering, showcasing my hourglass figure with a quintessential Barbie flare. 

I feel like too often in modern media, its shameful to be "girly" or "hyper-feminine," and for a long time, I've felt outcasted for liking high heels and makeup, and dressing up for every and any occasion. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the modern #Girlboss movement (being that I am a tirelessly working entrepreneur and scholar) but I think that you can be even stronger as a Woman than anything else. 
I'm proud to say that I'm not ashamed of my femininity.
Long live the Barbie Girl!