Without Borders

I am a Nasty Gal.

I live without borders, I fly without fear. 


I'm sure you already know from my previous millions of posts about it, but I LOVE NASTY GAL! The brand is utter female fiery perfection. I am devouring Sophia Amoroso's book #Girlboss and am dedicating my life to live and breathe the #Girlboss way. Its way more than a tag-- a girl-boss knows how to take risks (smart risks) and live the life she wants. She's not afraid of a challenge, at any rate she prefers it, and is always ready to devour the list of to-dos on her desk. Nasty Gal is a brand that empowers women to feel and dress exactly the way they want and the way that makes them happy. Sophia calls herself the "anti fashion," a phrase which I relate to immensely. Don't let a magazine, designer, or even blogger (hehe) tell you how to dress or what trend to buy into. You need to wear what makes you feel as beautiful as you truly are. 

I'm so inspired by Nasty Gal's success and ethics, and cannot stop buying their merch! This gorgeous geometric jumpsuit is a Nasty Gal piece I picked out in their Santa Monica store a few weeks ago along with these fantastic glasses by Quay Australia. Together, these are the coolest items currently in my wardrobe. I love their modern edgy designs that flatter and force you to make a bold (but great) impression.

So if it means anything, I'm a Nasty Gal through and through.

Check them out online, on Instagram, and Facebook.

 Laur Click-- #TravelForever

Laur Click-- #TravelForever

Shoutout to THIS Girlboss for the outstanding photography! I had such an enlightening time with her this summer and cannot replace the joy she filled my life with. She has an endless amount of talent, drive, and style, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this incredible babe. 

Check out her stunning travel blog on Tumblr and give her some love on Instagram!

Thank you all so much for reading, have a beautiful Memorial Day!