Au Chambre


I recently moved into a new room and completely redecorated it to fit my hipster, indie style. Check it out!

Books on books on all my shelves. There are many more tucked away in a closet, but I like to keep out the ones that inspire me, old favorites, and new finds! Lavender is also a must, especially for me, suffering a headache 24/7, and it seems to ease the edge, making my room a comfortable oasis.

I'm a big fan of sunflowers and succulents. Not only are they extremely Tumblr now-a-days, but succulents add a natural pop to your room while conserving water. Sunflowers are just imperative for any living space, in my opinion, for they brighten up the whole room, not to mention your day! All the paintings in my room are by me, and all the furniture is antique including this lovely 1800s bench.

I have wanted twinkle lights in my room for years but just got them up a few weeks ago. They're so bright, I sometimes only use them as lighting. My lavender vintage style bedspread is from Pottery Barn, and I love the beautiful floral detailing, consistent with my soft but stylish atmosphere. The beautiful signs above my head are from Weathered Signs, and they add a stunning look to my room, finishing it off with flare. I feel like a princess, and even Indie loves it!

Your room is your space, so might as well make it yours!