Entityy Magazine

 Entityy has my heart! 

I am beyond thrilled to be sharing this work of art with you all. With artist spotlights and the essence of creativity, Entityy Magazine takes the prize for ingenuity as well as positivity in the media. Their articles promote artists of all kinds who are creating a new approach to their field, and loving life as they do it. It is truly a magnificent creation.

From a style interview with Katherine Moenning on masculine comfort in women's fashion, to an artist spotlight on Shawn Higgins living in contrast, to their cover girl, singer-songwriter and "Wanderess" Halsey who preaches about the importance of authenticity in one's music, Entityy covers all walks of life. Each page spills over with poetry and magic, I cannot tear my eyes away from each picture and word. I highly recommend Entityy Magazine to anyone looking for a beautiful beacon of artistry on their bedside table.

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Live in beauty