Health & High Heels Baking Collab!

Last week, my beautiful health guru friend Kendal of Health and High Heels and I got together for a day of wholesome cooking. We put on pretty dresses, dawned our aprons, and made a fantastic meal fit for any 5 star restaurant!-- probably healthier too. 

Check out our gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and all organic cooking journey below and check out Kendal's amazing site here!-->

Our lunch was composed of three scrumptious sandwiches, all on gluten free almond rice bread with organic meats and topped with organic avocado, goat cheese, tomato, mustard, and cucumber. Another sandwich was BBJ with organic peanut butter sweetened with agave and organic blackberry jam. The natural ingredients and especially bread choice of the sandwich was so whole that just one slice filled me up instantly! What a perfect lunch for a summer picnic.

For desert, we concocted a beautiful spread of s'mores made of vegan marshmallows between homemade gluten free gram crackers and dark chocolate, and some strawberry cupcakes made with organic coconut flour, coconut cream, and coconut sugar to replace the flour, milk, and sugar of regular recipes. Of course, it was all extremely delicious and we talked for an hour about how incredible it is that not everyone eats like this! I marvel at how much better I feel after every healthy meal, and wouldn't give it up for all the chocolate croissants in the world!

My darling friend is one of the bravest, strongest, and kindest souls I have encountered. Please visit her empowering and inspirational site and give her some love!

I sincerely wish you lots of health and love, and I hope this post inspired you to do some healthy baking yourself!