Ivory Gypsy

-Photos by Augusta (below)-

Ivory Gypsy is a little name Augusta made for the two of us a few months back. Since then, we have become wonderful fashion partners as well as incredible friends. I love this shoot because it perfectly captures the beauty and magic that happens whenever we shoot together. 

I'm obsessed with my new Quay Australia glasses from Nasty Gal. The Phat Cat Glasses are an awesome accessory for my bold vintage style. I have been craving an American Apparel crop top since summer began and finally ordered this one online. These jeans from Topshop are marvelous as always, and my new shoes from Chicwish are perfect with everything I wear. In conclusion, I will be wearing this basically all summer...

-Photos by ME!-

This lovely baby is sporting a vintage jacket that I am selling on my store website, French Funk. You can buy this one of a kind item right HERE and on Etsy! I've never seen anyone who can rock pineapples with such elegant charm as this girl, and am severely jealous of her fabulousness! Please check out her site at http://psychedelicaugust.wordpress.com and have a beautiful week.


Love from the Ivory Gypsies