Work of Art

Because baby, you're a work of art...





Photos by Augusta @

My girl and I went to an art show downtown last weekend, and it was so freeing walking amongst those painted beauties. Something about art has the power to move people, change society. Its a truly wonderful craft and a healing presence. 

I love this fabulously fringed top as well as these black joggers from TOPSHOP--> what a surprise! Going all black seriously suits me, especially when accented with white vintage jewelry. This beautiful necklace is from FRENCH FUNK and these earrings were my mothers <3 Check out my cute new phone case from KATE SPADE as well as these classic cat-eye glasses from Ralph Lauren. Just love this outfit.

Though I am against tattoos, I indulge quite a bit in all natural temporary tattoos, as I view those more like art work you can wash off the next day. I like to litter my body with things that inspire me to be a good influence to myself and the world-- an important concept we should all keep in mind. Be the change. Gandhi's famous words still ring true today, for we are all a single ripple in an ocean; each ripple pushing the current further. If we would all live the way we want to see the world, maybe we could make it happen.

The beautiful Augusta wearing a FRENCH FUNK dress and vintage accessories <3

Check out more of this stunner on her site!


Happy Weekend, people!