Green Gables

--photos by Augusta Louise from

Gorgeously Green...

Before I get into my outfit details I want to say that women are beautiful creatures. No matter what shape, size, or color, women are beautiful, and should be able to feel confident in their bodies not matter what it looks like. I feel like wearing tight things makes me look fat and I feel like I have to suck in so hard I can't move or breathe. But really, we should be proud of our curves: they're what make us women. Live in your body, love yourself.

Today's look is doused in one of my favorite colors--> a dark forest green. The color is both classic and edgy, bright and smoky, beautiful with a sort of underlying tone of secrecy. Both my top and bottom are from TOPSHOP, my forever shopping destination. They're collection of light turtlenecks and mini skirts is so perfect and extremely 60's. Accenting the darkness with a brown watch and Louis Vuitton, I feel hella classy and ready to party.