A Dash of Stardust

All you need is a dash of stardust....

I was so thrilled to meet the incomparable Sera Brand from The Stardust Bohemian, one of my personal blogger heroes and ultimate babes! Taking turns behind the camera on the Malibu coast, all dressed in dreamy white, it was magical day... 

I am wearing a Forever21 maxi dress and a vintage hand-me-down lace kimono, which I thought would be a crazy amount of white lace, but it actually turned out beautifully! My hat is the perfection of Free People (buy here), and my shoes are Jeffrey Campbell. These gorgeous layered necklaces are all vintage pieces from a small shop in downtown Ojai called New Leaf. I love this angelic bohemian look, inspired by Sera's flawless style, for a little taste of the freedom land of the 70's.

This boho babe was kind enough to answer some questions for me to share with you all!--

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I always wanted to document my outfits and have a place to share my creative projects. My blog has been the perfect place to do so.

2.How are you liking LA?

LA is the first place I have moved since my forever home in Hawaii. It has been fun. I enjoy having a lot of options of things to do and see.

3. Where did you get your amazing boho style?

Two-three years ago, my style started turning in that direction. A lot if it had to do with my new perspective on life.

4. What would your #1 blogging tip be?

Don't post content just to have new content. Try to keep your content quality. That's what will set you apart and will keep you growing.

5. If you could travel back to any time to experience the culture of the past, what era would you go to?

Most definitely the 60s-70s!

Everyone go check out her beautiful blog site at http://stardustbohemian.com and follow her Instagram @stardustbohemian <3