A Bohemian Fairy Tale: Nasty Gal x Free People

There once was a Gypsy Princess who lived in the woods. She would sing to the sun and howl at the moon, and frolic in the fields of gold in which the flower fairies lived. But she was lonely and longed for a friend to share this beautiful world with. 

On the other side of the woods there lived a beautiful Flower Child, wild and free, who would climb every mountain and dance on the sea. But she too longed for a friend who would wander with her to the ends of the earth. 

One day, the Gypsy girl went down to the river to collect lily pads for a new dress for the Sunlight Ball. She began to sing a lullaby to herself when she saw someone approaching on the other end of the water. 

The Flower Child stood in a vision of gold on the opposite side of the water and cried out, "Hallo! I have heard stories of a Gypsy Princess who makes her home in these woods. There's no one like me on my side of the river, and I am lost looking for a friend. Can you tell me where she is?"

With a flattered smile and a pale blush, the Gypsy girl welcomed the Flower child with the glowing happiness of someone who has at last found love.

The Flower Child traveled over the enchanted bridge that connected the two sides, twirling and leaping along as she went. It was a long journey, but soon enough, the two beings were face to face. 

"It's so wonderful to have a friend!" the Gypsy girl cried, reaching her arms to the sky in celebration. 

The Flower Child laughed, "We are forever kindred spirits, linked by souls, destined in a  dream." 

The two lovelies danced and swirled in the meadows full of dew, with stars in their hair and magic in their eyes-- and all the world was beating to the jubilant drum of their kindred hearts.

Such a beautiful shoot and collaboration with blogger babe Augusta Louise from Psychedelic August, wearing a beautiful white lace dress from Free People. I was styled in the Lisette dress from Nasty Gal, as well as their Sky High 3-piece necklace, looking witchy and powerful in my favorite Nasty Gal pieces. I am excited about this joining of powers not only because of this amazing blogger duo, but of the two brands coming together. The Bohemian dreaminess of FP makes a wonderful pair to the sassy statement pieces at Nasty Gal. 

Goodnight all you lovers, dreamers, and star-catchers.