The Girl Behind the Camera

With being a blogger, there comes the need of being a good photographer too.

Though most of the time, my shots rely on the expertise of photographers I collaborate with (like the ever lovely Michelle Cannut Gross, the wonderful Ashley Holman, as well as up-in-coming talent Aliyah Zweig), but for recipes, and pretty much every aspect of this beautiful world that happens to catch my eye, I am the girl behind the camera. 

These photos were taken and edited on my iPhone 5, using the app VSCOcam to add funky filters. My iPhone has become my best friend in my adventures, being able to whip it out in a second and snap up the visions before me, but for more professional shots, I use my SONY camera.

I have the SONY model 58 camera, with two interchangeable lenses-- 1.8/50 SAM for portraits and 5.6/55 SAM II for macro/scenic photos. I usually use natural  lighting and lots of sunlight, but flash at night can be great for ghostly/punk vibes. My favorite setting is intelligent auto (especially for up close detail shots) which just lets the camera auto focus. 

If you're into photography, just remember to keep experimenting. After all, it's art.

Olivia Fleming