Bohemian Dreams


I see things differently. I always have. I live in dreams, I swim through strange seas. 

I am a bohemian woman, forever free, dripping in love from the 70's...

In my excitement of my ever evolving style, I decided to do something crazy.

I combined my traditional bohemian style with edgy punk and created a look both dreamy and dangerous! I paired a Forever 21 maxi dress with a vintage fringe jacket, and slung a vintage leather satchel on my shoulder. To counter this style, I added black leggings, Jeffrey Campbell platforms, and space buns just for an extra touch of wild.

This beautiful scarf is handmade in the Asungate region of Peru, brought back to me by a wonderful friend on her backpacking trip through all of the Amazon and Andes mountains in South America. The stitched symbols represent wind-- so blessed to have this rare treasure!

Don't ever confine your style. Be bold, be brave, and maybe you'll make something incredible.


In this look:

Dress: Forever 21, shoes: Jeffrey Campbell