A single girl's guide to Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day Babes!!! 

Valentines Day is really just a day about love-- all kinds of love. So if you're currently on the market (Yay you!) do not dispair! I believe that you have to truly love yourself before anyone else can love you. So treat yourself this valentines day!

-Scroll down to view my single girl's guide to V-Day!-

First on the list: Get dressed up!!! 

My outfit consists of a gorgeous dress from Topshop, bright pink tights bye HUE and rocking Jeffrey Campbell platforms. I grabbed all my festive jewelry, including this XOXO sterling silver bracelet. I love puttin' on the ritz from time to time, but if you're more comfortable in sweats and a tee, you rock it girl!

Next: Balloons and flowers!

Pick a color and go crazy! I chose a bright hot pink for my scheme-- total girly splurging, which I never do anymore. How fun to have a huge balloon in your room all weekend! Tulips are a classic favorite of mine, and I encourage branching out from the usual roses and picking something wild and crazy that catches your eye!

Treat yourself

What better way to show yourself love than CHOCOLATE????? I highly reccomend LILLY's organic dark chocolate made with Stevia instead of sugar. (I love the bar with coconut)

Write yourself a love note!!!

Everyone needs a little encouraging word, and even better if its from the one person who knows you best! Self love is all about celebrating your faults and advantages, and we are all beautiful beings who deserve to be acknowleged as such. Compose a silly poem or a heartfelt note from you to you!

Finally, put on some cheesey romantic tunes!

I made a playlist on Spotify for you guys full of al my favorite oldies and some picks from some of my instagram followers! Follow me at @the_indie_girl and comment on the photo that looks just like the one above^ in my feed for your favorite love song to be put on the playlist too!

Well that's it folks! I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day.


Olivia Fleming