Million Dollar Bill$

$-There's nothing more I want than money and time-$

Today's attitude

: how to look like a million bucks with a black eye and some faux fur!

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Though this concussion has been a big pain (literally), having a black eye has done wonders for my confidence. Not only do I feel like a totally tough street fighter babe from the city (haha), but its helped me get over my extreme sensitivity to the thoughts and judgements of others. I was so close to skipping my winter formal because of it, and I was so ashamed of having this huge purple eye. But then I realized, "hey, I look kinda cool!" and decided to completely embrace it.

Nothing can be cooler than Jeffrey Campbell platform boots, dunagrees, and a faux fur jacket (beautifully made by J. Crew). I feel so unstoppable in this crazy combination-- and isn't that what fashion should make you feel like? I seriously feel like a million $$

Check out this funky groove from my girl Lorde

Remember that life is all about embracing yourself.

So go out and show em what you got!!!


In this look:

coat:J. Crew, overalls:Urban Outfitters, croptop:Forever21, shoes:Jeffrey Campbell, headband:American Eagle