Sweet Sixteen

I'm finally 16!

Got lots of new rings and pretty things!

My long hair is constantly impossible in the California wind.

Lucky hair flips are considered glamorous!

For me, 16 was one of those magical age numbers.

Like being 16 would hold a new universe of beauty and fabulousness. I suppose in a way, every year of growing into a woman has been magical and mysterious in itself. 

I've always wanted to be flawlessly cool and efforlessly beautiful, because neither of those things has ever been easy. And though it seems easy for others, I'm not so sure if it ever is.

So as I turn 16 at last today, I want to say that I like the young girl I have come to be. 

Can't wait to see what 16 has in store!


Yes I do have a black eye.

I got kicked in the face during a dance rehearsal and also have a concussion! Healing of course


Love my evolving grunge style-- the dark oversized look makes me feel powerful.

In this look:

flannel: Sheinside, top: forever21, jacket: vintage MGM, shoes: Dr. Martens, skirt: Nasty Gal

Lovey Fleming