Renaissance (Happy New Year)

Renaissance means rebirth.

 The new year is a time full of new opportunities, new ideas, new passion, new lust, new love. It is a new chance for us all to explore, blunder, and discover as we continue our journey to freedom. Its a beautiful rebirth of spirit body and mind.

Happy New Year.

This gorgeous dress is a design from

Nasty Gal

(it's not a porn site) and one of my most prized possessions in my wardrobe currently.  The shape, the pattern, it is just one gorgeous piece. My hat is from

Free People

and the sweater a lovely piece designed by Frenchi. I have been dying to do a shoot in this woodland and was ecstatic when I got photographer

Ashley Holman

to shoot for me. Such artistic shots, I am in love with the stunning beauty and nature of each one. 

I hope everyone has a magical New Year.

In this look:


Nasty Gal

, hat:

Free People

, cardigan: Frenchi, rings: vintage