Harvest Salad

Salads can become so monotonous. 
Especially for someone like me who eats them every day. Fall is a great season for one of my favorite food findings ever: a harvest salad
(recipe below)

 This beautiful vegetation is Thai Basil, which adds a bit of a kick to your regular lettuce routine and is absolutely beautiful. The leaves behind it are dandelion leaves which have amazing properties for your health.
 I also added:
 black berries, carrots, kale, beets, goat cheese, goji berries, pecans, and a seasoning of olive oil and sea salt (most of which should be very organic.)

The trick to a harvest salad is to make your ingredients as wild and woodlandy as possible. Crazy colors and exotic leaves are a great place to start. Farmers markets are perfect for discovering new healthy items. You might want to try your findings first to make sure you can handle the taste!