You Are Beautiful-- a message from me to you

Hey lovelies
I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving week.
Well, I wanted to share with you a little message that comes straight from my very passionate heart.
Everyone on this planet struggles with image issues, and insecurities. It's completely natural and unavoidable in today's society especially. I just want so deeply for all of you to really step back and look at yourself for what you truly are-- a one of a kind, perfect, glorious, beautiful creature. 
It's so hard.
But my dream is for one day, us all to look in the mirror and rejoice in ourselves, no matter what anyone (or even ourselves) say.

So, though it's not the best of quality, I'd love for you to watch my little video and just really listen to my message. 
I love all of you.
Have a beautiful night, beautiful people.