Ghostly forest blackened night
The wicked witches come haunting haunting
Secrets and spells round the old graveyard site
Black magic cauldrons boil bubbling bubbling
The witches go cackling into the night
Something wicked this way comes

Around Halloween, I love looking as witchy as possible! This beautiful sweater from Urban Outfitters is the perfect length and pumpkin color for any fall outing. I am also wearing more and more black, which will increase I'm sure as the weather darkens. I am kind of obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and could not believe my eyes when I found this pocket watch that says "We are all mad here" at a booth in Ojai day! 

The ideas of witch trials are of course terrifying and horrible, but also kind of cool in a sense that there really might have been wiches running around Salem! Hocus Pocus...

Beautiful photos by Aliyah Zweig 

Happy Haunting, mortals

In this look: 
sweater: Urban Outfitters; skirt: Nasty Gal; button down: Forever21;
socks: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Doc Martens; Hat: Chicwish