Dark Forest (Halloween Costume)

 Deep within the forest is where you will find me this Halloween.
My costume idea for this year is a dark forest nymph! Check out my costume "how to" instructions and guidelines.

Vines all over and bold makeup is the key with a costume like this.
I picked and cleaned a large amount of vines to make into this crown and to go on my feet hands and arms. Braiding the vines and weaving them into each other is the best technique. A bold cat eye and dark lips, bold eyebrows, as well as a very powdered complexion finished the look, giving an ethereal and dramatic edge to the costume.

This dress is a vintage Armani that I am so incredibly in love with. A dark velvet pattern and clean silhouette makes it a timeless model.

I cannot wait for Halloween and I am so excited to see everyone's bootiful costumes!

xoxo Happy Haunting xoxo