All My Docs In A Row

 So I love Doc Martens... They are seriously beautiful shoes. I have been lucky enough to aquire a few pairs over this year and I'd love to introduce them to you! 

 The Elk Skin.
These are seriously unique and I actually haven't seen anyone else in these amazing shoes. Super durable, very cool, I call them my "Up North" shoes. I feel like walking around portland with coffee in a huge sweater and old black jeans. 
Flower Child
 These are too adorable. I feel like such a twinkle toes wearing these! Such cute little details in the flowers. These are reserved for extremely girly days when I just need that little pop of sunshine.
90's Kid
These Docs are my favorite and newest pair. Super vintage and classically grunge I feel like I can rock the world with them on my feet. These look super awesome with a black tight or high black knee socks. 

Though I generally hate trends, Doc Martens are one I am happy to have found!