Wisdom Teeth Weekend

I have spent the week bedridden and four teeth short. Here's a little post from me to you, to explain how in the world I survived.

So you probably have figured out that having teeth taken out of your jaw means that stuff like chips, apples, meat, and even salads are out of stock on your menue. Basically you can have icecream, soup, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, and beverages.
Well that was ay-okay with me!
 This beautiful treat is a fine product from Luna and Larry's Bliss: Dairy Free Ice cream. I love their bars as well as their tubs of ice cream, and my favorite is the strawberry ice cream Popsicle.
 A sugarless gal, Zevia soda has made life just that much sweeter! Now I can have my carbonated drinks with stevia, an all natural sweetener with no calories and no side affects.
 This was also perfect for a root beer float! Just add some vanilla coconut bliss ice cream to your sugar-free soda and you've got a classic treat to die for! I recommend blending your drink with ice so it's like a frappaccino.
 A beautiful cup of organic sweet pea soup sure feels wonderful when you're in bed on a cozy night. I add sliced goatcheese into the soup for a creamy something-extra.
 This is probably the best smoothie I've ever made.
Nothing out of the ordinary, just some banana, coconut milk, coconut ice cream, and cashew butter blended with a little bit of ice-- but its the protein powder that makes it such heaven. I don't know how he does it, but Jay Robb makes the best protein powder I've ever had in my life. Its very healthy and made with egg protein, its all NON-GMO and amazing. Check it out!
 Everyone knows that you'll be in some sort of pain and that your face is going to blow up in all sorts of shapes and you'll only be able to eat ice cream. What they don't tell you is that you can get really very depressed, uncomfortable, and just darn emotionally unstable. Mainly caused by the pain medicine, I have been falling apart in all sorts of crazy ways these last few days; being unable to sleep without strange visions waking me up and  feeling very sad and alone has not made me the most wonderful human to be around-- apologies to those forced to stay in my company (and thank you for putting up with me!). 
But they also don't tell you that you'll be fine. 
It's really not that bad, and surgeons are much better than in your parent's day, so any horror stories you've heard are considerably less common now.
You'll be fine. 
Be a no good slump.
Do nothing.
Do not think "Oh good now I have so much downtime and I can write 50 essays!" WRONG! You will be so tired and far too out of it to do anything productive so just live up the vegetable life. 
Do nothing.
Breathing is encouraged… 

Okay guys, I hope you've all had a restful, stressless weekend!