Summer winds

Summer winds have come and gone
through my hair, across my skin
the brightest moon, your sweetest song
remember me 'till we meet again.

Well darlings, its true…
Summer is over. 
I started my first week back of high school this week and it went pretty well! I was so dreading the waking up at crack of dawn, lugging all my books around, worrying constantly about being late, and then hours of homework every night. But I came to realize that I am lucky to be in a wonderful learning environment, and that I will in fact be just fine.

I love this soft lavender color of my equally soft cardigan from Brandy Melville-- a brilliant piece for hot nights. This whole outfit is just comfy and light from top to bottom. My loose suspender shorts from Urban Outfitters are so cute with any light tank, and these little ballet slippers from Anthropology are so sweet and delicate its like walking on satin.

Goodbye to summer winds

In this look:
shirt: J. Crew * shorts: Urban Outfitters * shoes * Anthropology cardigan: Brandy Melville * headband: American Eagle *
necklace: Hot Topic
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