Mushroom Goat Cheese Bowls

It's mushroom Monday! 
And I am so excited to share with you all my latest recipe!
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I love mushrooms
Mushrooms in the morning, mushrooms at night, I eat 'em all day long! Not only are they ADORABLE, but also super yummy! Raw or cooked, I just love throwing little slices into every meal.
Last night I was at a beautiful wedding of a dear friend-- I wish you all the happiness in the world if you are reading this Susan!-- and discovered these little appetizers served there.

Mushroom Goatcheese Bowls
Genius? I think YES!
Of course I had to make them-- or at least attempt to. I think they turned out pretty well!
Check out my recipe below
1 package of Organic white mushrooms
herb incrusted goat cheese
sea salt
olive oil

Rinse the mushrooms with water and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut out the little stems from the underside so that it creates a hollowed out bowl. Heat a medium to large (depending how many mushrooms you have) skillet on medium-low heat. Adding olive oil, toss in the mushrooms and spread them around so that they each have room to fully cook. Add fresh rosemary and sea salt to the olive oil in the pan. Every 5 minutes, turn over the mushrooms until well cooked on each side-- probably won't take very long as they cook quickly.

When the mushrooms are golden or dark brown on both sides, take them out and lay them underside up on a plate. Roll balls of goatcheese to put in the little bowls of mushrooms.

Serve as an appetizer or just a fun little snack before dinner!
I will try to put a new mushroom recipe up every Monday so stay tuned and please leave your favorite mushroom dishes in a comment below!
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