A day in bed-- Back from BTP!

A beautiful month in Paradise has come to a close. 

I am still marveling at the spectacular training I recieved at the Broadway Theater Project in Tampa Florida this summer. A faculty of top New York professionals took on the task of turning 70  15-25 year olds with amazing talent into Broadway ready performers. Dancing, singing, acting classes, and workshops with working Broadway actors, top casting directors, and great Broadway masters; this was no Sunday walk in the park (with George!-- theater joke). We walked to and from the studios every day amounting in 7 miles a day, not to mention very rigorous dance classes, I was ripped and roaring in great shape.

Needless to say, I need some rest…
But I loved all the activity, both of our bodies and minds.
I feel so transformed as a performer, no longer an entertainer that gets onstage and spouts meaningless prose at an audience and recieves empty applause, but an artist of craft and passion.
I really took to heart a point that many teachers gave-- that we should do something with our art. It is our duty to inspire a change in the world that will be around much longer than our mere flesh ever could. My goals as an artist is to contribute to the saving of our universe in any way I can. Whether through environmental advocation, kicking out the corrupted big industries, raising awareness to the health of our food, and maybe just giving people courage and love, I am determined to let the sunshine in through my career. 

I found such inspiration in our brilliant guest artists, and wanted to capture every word of every sentence that left their mouths. Though I only got a few, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite quotes.
"When you perform and do what you want to do, its not your business what anyone else thinks"-- Donna Mckechnie
"You are 100% more interesting than anything you could put on"-- David Friedman
"Visualize everything you want and seek it"-- Michael Orland
"Don't apologize for living"-- Donna Mckechnie
"Within your fear, is your strength"-- Ben Vereen
"You can't let fear stop you from flying"-- Mandy Gonzolas 
What a wonderful experience.

I am now enjoying a well deserved day in bed. 
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