July xoxo

It's July! Here are a few of my new summer obsessions…
 First, daisies 
<3 <3 <3 the perfect little flower <3 <3 <3

 I've always loved vintage, but antiques are so beautiful. I like the hidden stories of old things. Antique books are such treasures.
My favorite time of day is definitely 7:30pm. Here, the sun makes the world go gold, and the mountains a misty blue. Its really like a dream.

My new music addiction is to Laurena Segura-- beautiful folky style all her own. I love her song 4th of July, which is very appropriate for this upcoming holiday on Friday!
Of course it's summer so this one is kind of a no brainer, but the BEACH is heavenly after 5:00 pm. No need to stress about sunburns, and gorgeous ocean air. Just don't forget a sweater!
Hydroponic veggie towers! Grow your vegetables without any land or time management! Self irragated and portable, these amazing inventions now give no excuses to people in appartments not to grow their own food <3
My mom is actually in this company so if you're interested you can buy them from her here!
Check out my GF, sugar free, and dairy free blueberry pie recipe perfect for 4th of July here as well. 
Don't forget the cookies!
Well, I suppose those are all my new loves! 
Hope your month has started our rosey.