Treat Yourself!

Some days, you've just got to treat yourself! 
 For a health guru like me, junk food and candy is a definite no-go, so splurging is rare. But thank goodness for other healthy eaters who have said "No!" to boundaries and created their own healthy treats.

The world has absolutely revolutionized in terms of the health conscious. Yes there are still a million McDonald's around the world, but markets are beginning to carry organic items like never before! 
And now gluten free, dairy free ice cream???
 So Delicious is an amazing company that makes dairy free icecream of every flavor. My favorite one is mint chip, but this almond mocha fudge isn't too shabby either! Rather decadant, I am loving this dairy free desert.
Everyone loves a girl with cookies!… 
Especially if they're gluten free!!!
 That's right darlings, Betty Crocker is now selling gluten free mixes! For those with gluten intolerance it is a huge step in the right direction! (I happen to believe that gluten is poison and no one should be eating it… But ah well). 
Her chocolate chip cookie mix is absolutely amazing-- probably because it's got sugar and things, but what we are splurging, remember?
 I looooove cookies, and this is such an easy mix that it takes 20 mins max for the perfect batch.
Oh and did I mention this amazing 50's pin up look
A fabulous friend handed this dress down to me and I just cannot believe how perfect it is! But I can't have too many treats or it won't look quite so good… 
<3 Saturdays are for splurging <3
So be dare to be decadant!