Totally Granola

Granola is hard to buy at a store… You want it to be gluten free, but not corn, and have no sugar without additional yuckiness. Whyyy is that so much to ask for? Well, my solution is, make your own!

 It really is easier than it seems, and the fun part is that you can add anything you want to it! Dried fruit, nuts and seeds, even chocolate! Sounding better than boxed already?
4 cups Trader Joe’s gf oats
1 cup coconut oil melted
3/4 cup coconut sugar (or agave)
1/2 cup coconut chips
1/8 cup sunflower seeds
1/8 cup chia seeds
1/8 cup ground flax seeds

1/2 cup chopped walnuts
(try to get as many organic ingredients as possible)

Preheat oven to 350 <3
Put all of the oats into a large mixing bowl. Then, melt the coconut oil and mix it with the coconut sugar (you can use agave instead). Pour this concoction then onto the granola and mix until its evenly distributed. 
Now you can add in all of the nuts and seeds and coconut-- and anything else your little healthy heart desires!
Spray a baking sheet (I had to use two) with coconut oil spray. Then stick the granola in the oven for about 20 mins, or until golden. Take out, cool, and enjoy with yogurt, milk, or just on the go! 
And voila! You're own truly natural granola for every morning. This is a pretty big batch so it'll last for a while. 
I really hope you enjoy! xoxoxo 

Lovey FlemingFoodies!