Hey There, Hipster

Hipster is not a trend… It's a way of life… 

 With my new glasses I guess I'm really embracing my inner hipster. Indie music and daisy chains, I have always been very out of the mainstream. So I guess being weird is cool now…  

 I love this little tee from Urban Outfitters! The bunny on the front cracks me up. "This will be my year", well let's hope so little guy. These shoes are so gorgeous, Dr. Martens with a soft floral pattern. I like to give my outfits an equal mix of edgy and girly.

Here's my favorite hipster tune: New Theory by Washed Out!

Livin the hipster life :-*

In this look:
tee-shirt: Urban Outfitters; skirt: Fred Seagle (Santa Monica); shoes: Dr. Martens; cardigan: Brandy Melville; hat: Nordstrom